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Liam O’Brien // Men’s Soccer

Liam O’Brien // Men’s Soccer

Men’s SoccerJuniorMusic BusinessMy most memorable experience at Belmont thus far would be this past soccer season and how successful we were making it to the Southern Conference Championship. This season was one of the best in program history and arguably one of the...

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Somer Henry // Women’s Tennis

Somer Henry // Women’s Tennis

Women’s TennisSeniorCreative & Entertainment IndustriesI have had so many memorable experiences at Belmont I can’t just pick one. All of our traveling weekends are extremely memorable! The whole team is together nonstop and it is the best! I think the trips make...

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What does it take to fuel belmont athletics?

With Scholarship costs rising nationally, it is imperative that the Bruin Club increases its membership and overall giving to assist in covering these costs. Every donor and dollar contribute to making the student-athlete dream a reality. The Belmont education and life lessons our student-athletes receive are priceless. Please consider increasing your gift or referring a friend to the Bruin Club today!

Athletic Academics at Belmont

Spring 2021 Departmental GPA

Teams earned a 3.28+ or higher both semesters

Consecutive semester of a departmental 3.0+ GPA

Combined Overall GPA for the 2020–21 Academic Year


Last year, Belmont Athletics announced our ambition to achieve an annual athletics fundraising goal of $2,000,000 overall by the year 2022. We are pleased to report that due to the generosity and support of Bruin Club members like yourself, and with new and exciting facility projects coming on board, we are on our way to achieving that lofty goal. As of April 2020, the Bruin Club has raised $1,075,588, with two months remaining in the current fiscal year. This number puts us in position to set another annual record for dollars raised, marking the fourth consecutive year we have accomplished this feat thanks to your generosity. Furthermore, the past five years of growth in financial support are documented in the graphs below, including overall dollars raised, total number of donors, annual giving to the Bruin Club and Bruin Club members. Without you, none of this amazing progress would be possible. We hope that you are able to continue to join us in our mission to financially support Belmont’s 233 student-athletes during their time at Belmont as they pursue their academic and athletics goals!

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Overall Athletics Goal by 2022: