Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Belmont Athletic Department need gifts to the Bruin Club?

The Bruin Club provides critical support of our student athletes and coaches. It also allows Belmont to address the rising costs that are associated with a highly competitive Division I program. The support of our members allows our coaches and our teams to build and maintain successful sports programs.

Your support is an investment in the lives of each student athlete who wears the Belmont uniform. Bruin Club gifts primarily underwrite student-athlete scholarships but also support updated training facilities and equipment, team travel, academic support programs and other essential components required to support Belmont’s teams.

How do I join the Bruin Club?

You can join by contacting Russell Grimm, Director of Athletic Fundraising, at 615.460.5668 or or Collin Sonderman, Assistant Director of Athletic Development at 615.460.5051 or can also make a gift online by clicking here.

Is my donation to the Bruin Club tax-deductible?

Yes and no. Belmont University is a 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization.
An acknowledgment letter will be sent to you upon receiving your gift and will serve as a receipt of your contribution. By law and as of 1/1/2018, gifts that accrue seating benefits are NOT tax deductible. However, if your gift does not provide seating benefits, your gift may be 100% tax deductible. As with any tax inquiry, you should consult with your tax advisor.

How is my money used?

Your gift will contribute to the future success of our student-athletes. 100% of every membership dollar goes to support the greatest needs of Belmont’s Athletic Department, as determined by the Athletic Director on an annual basis. These priorities vary from year to year but are always focused on enhancing our program for the benefit of our athletes and coaches. We need your continued help and support more and more each year as Belmont athletes strive to achieve success on and
off the field.

What are the deadlines for my contribution?

The Bruin Club operates on a fiscal year calendar, in line with the University calendar. Therefore, Bruin Club memberships begin June 1 and end May 31 of the following year. For gifts that accrue seating benefits for men’s and women’s basketball, contributions must be received before season tickets are purchased.

Do I have to give $100 to be a Bruin Club member?

While we do accept and appreciate any and all financial contributions, your gift must meet the $100 minimum to receive Bruin Club membership benefits.

What is the Vince Gill Room?

The Vince Gill Room serves as the main hospitality room for the Bruin Club. Located above the main concourse on the west side of the Curb Event Center, the Vince Gill Room overlooks the arena and serves as a place for Bruin Club members who contribute $1,500 or more and enjoy hospitality privileges before tip-off and during halftime of men’s and women’s basketball games.

Does my Bruin Club allow me to purchase basketball season tickets?

You do not have to give to the Bruin Club to purchase basketball season tickets. However, if you are interested in sitting in the Bruin Club section (located just behind the Home Bench and at center court), or enjoying the new courtside seats, a corresponding gift must be made. See the Benefits Chart for details.

Why must I contribute to have access into the Vince Gill room or sit in the designated Bruin Club sections?

While we appreciate any and all financial contributions, we do require a minimum gift of $500 to purchase basketball season tickets in the Bruin Club section. Additionally, we require a minimum gift of $1,500 to visit the Vince Gill Room for the pre-game meal and chalk talk as well as halftime snack service. This is due to the cost of food and beverages served and the desire of the Bruin Club to ensure the benefits received at this contribution level are a commitment privilege.