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Giving Priorities

In addition to providing annual fund support through the Bruin Club, donors may opt to give to a specific sport or endow their own scholarship to benefit a specific team. All gifts to these three areas accrue Bruin Club benefits. Donors may choose to make a gift to any of the following teams:

Endowed Athletic Scholarships

The largest expense any athletic department incurs is the cost of scholarships for deserving student athletes. Belmont Athletics has 134 scholarships that it supports annually. Our long-term goal is to endow as much of this cost as possible. The minimum gift to establish a scholarship is $50,000 payable over up to five years.

The Betty Wiseman Mission Fund

In the summer of 1995, Betty Wiseman led a group of nine people representing Belmont men’s and women’s basketball to the country of Poland. Betty pioneered an athletics mission movement at Belmont that has impacted people globally and a movement that continues to grow today. For over 25 years now, the Betty Wiseman Mission Fund and its athletic missions have celebrated a loving God who has orchestrated these amazing numbers:

  • Over 250 Belmont student-athletes have served on a Belmont athletic mission trip
  • Belmont athletics have taken 36 different mission trips over the 25+ year period
  • These trips have spanned 15 countries and 4 continents: Poland, Costa Rica, Brazil, Venezuela, Portugal, Malta, Ukraine, Italy, United States, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Kenya, South Africa and Belize

Each year, The Betty Wiseman Mission Fund supports multiple mission trips run by the Athletic Department. While gifts to this fund do not accrue Bruin Club benefits, they help subsidize student-athletes who wish to serve others through these invaluable missions.

Ways to give

For more information or to ask question about ways to give, please contact Russell Grimm, Director of Athletic Fundraising at 615.460.5668 or or Colin Sonderman, Associate Director of Athletic Development at 615.460.5051 or

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