Payton Barlow // Women’s Track & Field

Payton Barlow

Payton Barlow

Women’s Track & Field
White House, TN

It is hard trying to put into words what Belmont means to me, as it is so much more than just a university. It is a place of fellowship, a place where I have made lifelong friendships, a place where I have learned beyond what a textbook can teach, a place where I have grown spiritually, a place where I helped discover who I am and so much more. For anyone, the first couple weeks of college can be scary, but Belmont quickly became a second home for me. After three years here, Belmont has come to mean even more to me.

I have learned so many lessons throughout my time on the track & field team here at Belmont. I have learned how to keep going when I have nothing left, how to work together as a team even in a sport that is more individualized, how to push myself and to push my teammates. I have made some of the greatest friendships I have with teammates. Belmont Athletics has taught me numerous useful life skills. I will be taking these lessons with me as I go out into the real world and I am so thankful for that.

Not only has track taught me a lot, but I have learned so much through my professors and relationships I have made at Belmont outside of athletics. The professors care about you on a personal level, taking into consideration what is going on in your life outside of just school; in fact, some of my professors have even come out to support me at track meets. This really showcases what Belmont means to me because it is so much more than just an education.

Although the educational and athletic opportunities are what brought me to Belmont, I will be leaving with much more. I have made friendships with individuals all across the country and internationally. I had the opportunity to travel out of the country to Belize on a mission trip through Belmont athletics. This opportunity really helped me grow as an individual and represents one of the many opportunities Belmont has presented me with. Belmont has opened many doors for greater possibilities for my future and will continue to do so. This is what Belmont University means to me.