Emily Nguyen // Women’s Soccer

Emily Nguyen

Emily Nguyen

Women’s Soccer
Redshirt Sophomore
Monument, CO

When presented with the question: “What does Belmont mean to you?” my immediate thought is that it is my home away from home. Belmont’s compact campus creates a very close-knit community. You always see someone you know whether it be walking to class, hanging out on the lawn, or eating in the caf. It’s always fun to see a familiar smile in the crowd. Another bonus is that our beautiful campus is located right in Nashville which adds a fun and lively energy. I am a member of Belmont’s Women’s soccer team and being a student-athlete can be crazy at times, with hectic schedules and vigorous training sessions. However, it has also given me a unique college experience that I am extremely grateful to have.

The Belmont athletic staff, ranging from my coaches, trainers, and other faculty, have played an essential role in my love for this school because they truly care about you not just as an athlete, but as a person, as well. First and foremost, they put our happiness and well being as a top priority and understand that we are also students. I find it very comforting that I can always stop by their offices to talk or hangout. I also love that these relationships are not just kept within separate sports teams because the unity creates one big family amongst the entire athletic department. Coaches and staff from other sports are so friendly and always offer a welcoming smile whenever I walk into the Athletic Center.

In addition to the athletics staff, the professors at Belmont also really care for their students’ success and well being. Without fail, they offer a helping hand and are accommodating to students who occasionally miss class for their sports. With recent circumstances, it has been very apparent to me that all my professors have been working hard to learn new technology in order to make this transition to online class as easy as possible for us.

Again, similar to a big family, I love how all the athletics teams can come together to support one another. Friendships I have made, not just with my teammates, but with members from other teams have made this such a memorable and enjoyable journey. We all love attending each other’s matches/games and learning more about other sports. Bruins supporting Bruins! A favorite memory of mine is when we won the OVC championship and were headed to North Carolina for the first round of the NCAA tournament. Before we took off, the entire men’s soccer team, as well as faculty from the department came to our bus to send us off and wish us good luck. Also, during the game, we had so many other teams having watch parties and cheering us on. It was such an incredible experience to witness and be a part of.

Finally, what makes Belmont so special to me is my teammates who are also my best friends and biggest supporters. Going to a school out of state can be very challenging, but I know that I can always turn to my team, when I’m away from my home and family. During my first spring season, I suffered a major ACL tear, an injury that was likely to take me out of play for a year. As unfortunate as this incident was, it actually made evident the amount of love my team has for one another. This team is completely driven off of selflessness and puts family as our main focal point. I would not have been able to get through one of the most difficult hardships in my life without the constant support, reminders to keep laughing, daily hugs, and unconditional love that my team provided me.

Belmont truly has a special place in my heart and I am so thankful for this irreplaceable and priceless experience. I thank it for giving me a close community, personable support staff, and loving relationships that will last a lifetime and I look forward to finishing the rest of my journey at my second home.